2016 Pricing

Carpet Cleaning:

Includes Industrial DRY Vacuuming Throughout Property Prior to any washing
Pre Spray (if required) this will depend on carpet type
Agitation (if required) this will depend on carpet type and also pre clean condition
Spray & Vacuum utilising quad vac Truck Mounted Mytee Carpet Machine

For the kind of equipment we use please see the EQUIPMENT page.

Per Room

£10 per room (small size)
£15 per room (medium size)
£20 per room (large size)
Stairs Complete Set £20

Package Prices

1 Bedroom Entire house - £59
2 Bedroom Entire house - £69
3 Bedroom Entire house - £79

Spot stain removers are included in these prices but additional carpet protection solutions are offered as optional extras.

Rooms do not have to be clear but strongly advised. If a room is not clear we will then of course just work around any obstacles. We can provide furniture sliders to assist in really heavy and bulky furniture. We will of course help where possible but cannot be responsible for clearing rooms unless this has been pre agreed prior to the job starting. Prices submitted are on the basis a room is reasonably clear.

This will give results 100X times better than the domestic carpet cleaning equipment you can hire from the local supermarket if you are uncertain please book us for one room and we will demonstrate the results that can be achieved.

Pressure Hosing:

Includes Pre Spray (if necessary)
Pressure Hosing with Erste HR623 Industrial Pressure Hose

Small Patio £25
Medium Patio £30
Large Patio £35

Pressure Hosing can also be utilised for cleaning of Brick Work, Small Walls, Wooden Fences, Garage Doors, Pathways etc. Ideal for removal of staining and green algae. Please mention anything you need doing upon arrival and we can give you an immediate written quote to have these tasks completed for you.

Industrial Vacuuming:

Primarily Outdoor Use includes vacuuming of:

Litter & Debris
Twigs & Sticks>

Ideal for clean up after weddings, private parties and marquee based events.

Approx £25-£50 the exact price will depend on the exact area you need us to do. Please note this machine is big! and can hoover up a lot very fast.
Industrial Scrubbing: Outdoor Use Only

Paddocks, Driveways, Large Steps, Access Ramps, Pathways etc. These machines are very powerful offering large high speed spinning scrubbing brushes so are perfect for sun dried mud and really tough floor marks. The scrubbing machines are only suitable for ground access (no stairs) as they are very big and heavy.

Approx £25-£50 sometimes with the scrubbers it is good to combine them with pressure hosing. We will happily quote at the site to give you a specific costing.

Basic Terms Minimum Order Charge of £30.

All Payments must be made on completion of job either cash or cheque.

Room sizes are based on our own discretion depending on exact layouts but we will inform you of all charges before commencing on any work and if you are not happy with the prices submitted there is no commitment.

If rooms are particularly stained or soiled (particularly rentals) we can definitely sort this out for you but may charge a slight premium as more work and materials are required to complete these tasks. Anything involving extra charges will ALWAYS be discussed and agreed first.

All charges and quotes will be submitted prior to starting any work. For both reference and the customers piece of mind all quotes are written down and we ask you to sign them prior to beginning any work.